Geek Girl Dinners


At Geek Girl Dinners, we believe in the power of community. In the heart of New Zealand’s tech industry, we’ve cultivated a unique space where women lead, learn, and thrive.

Our Vision

Our vision is to uplift and inspire women in the tech industry, fostering an environment where they can freely express their ideas, challenges, and successes. We aim to bridge the gender gap in technology by providing a platform where women can thrive, learn, and lead.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Girl Geek Dinners is to celebrate and support women in tech. We aim to provide a platform where they can connect, learn from industry leaders, and share their experiences. By doing so, we hope to encourage more women to pursue and excel in tech roles, thereby promoting gender equality in the industry.

Our Values

Our values guide us in our daily operations and decision-making processes. They are:

  • Empowerment: We believe in empowering women to take up space and voice their opinions in the tech industry.
  • Equality: We strive to promote gender equality in the tech industry by ensuring a balanced representation in our events.
  • Community: We value the sense of community and aim to create a supportive network for women in tech.
  • Learning: We advocate for continuous learning and growth through shared experiences and interactions with industry leaders.
  • Innovation: We encourage innovative thinking and the use of technology to solve complex problems.

Our platform is not just a community, but a movement. A movement that saw Jane, a software developer from Auckland, rise from being a participant in our events to becoming a speaker, inspiring other women with her journey in the tech industry. Our vision, purpose, and values are mirrored in stories like Jane’s. We are here to change the narrative, one dinner at a time.